A town centered on family

The town of Princeville is located in the Centre-du-Québec (Center of Québec) region and is part of the MRC de L’Érable (Regional county municipality of L’Érable). Perceived as an industrial town in the past, Princeville undertook a major change in the early 2000s. Now centered on family, the town developed very rapidly over the years.

Since 2013, the town registers an increase in population every year. Princeville currently has a population of 6 356 inhabitants et this number will keep on increasing. The demographic perspectives outlined by the Institut de la statistique du Québec (the Québec statistics institute) indicate that the 6 500 population cap should be reached by 2026.

All the services for families

Numerous families choose to live in Princeville every year. Affordable residential lots makes acquiring a residence easy. Furthermore, the town caters to families’ needs with the many services available on its territory. There is a medical clinic gathering 12 family doctors and other health professionals, a food market, a pharmacy, and a dental clinic.

Numerous sports infrastructures

For a town its size, Princeville stands out for the quantity of sports infrastructures available for its citizens, including five neighborhood parks.

At the Parc Multisport (Multisport park), there is an outdoor skatepark, an ice-skating rink, a dek hockey surface, and three soccer fields. We have to also mention the pedestrian path, the two baseball fields, the water games and the three tennis courts on these premises. That park is also used as a venue for numerous events like the winter carnival and the festivities surrounding the Fête nationale du Québec (Québec national holiday).

From September to April the ice rink in the sports center is available for free skating, hockey, and figure skating. Two provincial hockey tournaments are also held there every year. Princeville hosts minor hockey teams from all over Québec. The hockey fans can attend the local AAA junior hockey team, the Titans de Princeville, local matches.

Thanks to the Centre aquatique regional de L’Érable (the Érable aquatic regional center), it is possible to practice swimming all year round. The center also offers swimming lessons to people of all ages and fitness classes through the GymTonic fitness center.

Two unmissable touristic events

In Princeville, summer does not only rhyme with nice weather! During the summer the town hosts two major touristic events drawing nearly 60 000 visitors.

In June, the Festival du Cheval de Princeville (the Princeville horse festival) gathers equestrian fans. Adding to the rodeo, the festival offers equestrian competitions, a parade with horses in the town’s streets as well as shows.

In August, downtown Princeville is effervescent with the Foire Bière, Bouffe et Culture (the Beer, food and culture fair). Microbreweries and micro-distilleries from all over Québec meet up for the greatest enjoyment of the hops and spirits fans. Street food also enjoys a prime spot in the event’s programming which also features live shows and visual arts and built heritage exhibitions.

A dynamic job market

Given its close proximity to highway 20, Princeville offers businesses and industries a central geographical position that favors freight shipping. The town features two industrial parks. The main employers are Olymel, Bateau Princecraft, Guitabec, CBR Laser, Galvanisation Québec, and Vetoquinol.
The manufacturing sector is still growing and yielding important benefits in Princeville. The town is leading in manufacturing for less than 10 000 populated towns in Québec. The third of the active population in Princeville is employed in the manufacturing sector.

Many jobs are available in Princeville businesses right now. In addition to working in a dynamic environment, people have the opportunity to live in an environment that is ideal for families. It’s the choice many families make every year by settling in Princeville!

Welcoming and environmentally conscious citizens

n addition to being very welcoming, the citizens of Princeville are dynamic. They are proud of their town and get involved in their own way to maintain a great living environment. Among the citizen’s initiatives, we can mention the creation of a community garden.

It is also in Princeville that the Activité educative Un Arbre-Une Vie (Educative activity A Tree-A Life) was created. For nearly 30 years, the educational component of the activity has involved young people from all educational backgrounds in approximately 300 schools in all regions of Québec. The young participants prepare and plant thousands of trees every year. In addition to contributing to the protection of the environment, the students discover entrepreneurship!

The town also does its part to beautify the living environment of its citizens. The town has 4 fleurons in the horticultural classification program.